Since 1993, Gentiluomo has made excellent shirts for distinctive men. Gentiluomo believes in the ability to deliver pure premium fashion based on Italian flavor, creativity and credibility.From 1995 a selection of suits, knits and accessories was added to the existing ‘Gentiluomo Silverline’ shirt collection to offer a total look. Gradually the Gentiluomo label became more renowned and was sold internationally. The ‘Gentiluomo Gold’ line was introduced in 2010 to offer the top end of the market a superior product in limited edition. The year 2011 marked the ‘birth’ of another new line. ‘Gentiluomo Vintage’ was presented as a reaction to the revaluation of all things precious from the past.Originally based in Amsterdam, in 2011 the company made a deliberate move away from the capital and chose for a more peaceful and calm approach in the countryside. Gentiluomo is housed in a beautifully renovated old building where the refined fashion collections are presented in their rightful place.


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